Project Overview

The Lac Villebon Property is situated in the Vauquelin and Villebon Townships at the eastern limit of the Val-d’Or gold mining camp. The Property is located approximately 40 km east of the city of Val-d’Or and 500 km northwest of Montreal and consists of fifteen contiguous claims totaling approx. 864 hectares.

Location & Accessibility

The Property is located 30 km southeast of the Val-d’Or airport and is situated approximately 600 meters east of the TransCanada Highway. A dirt road connects to a snowmobile trail that parallels the westernmost claim boundary and provides access to the southern claims. Val-d’Or is a city with a population of approximately 32,000. Louvicourt, a village located approximately 10 km north of the Property, can provides all the services to stage an exploration program as well as accommodations. Work can be performed year-round. The topography would not pose any undue problems for construction of exploration infrastructure.

Property & Geology

The Property is underlain by two main geological groups consisting of the Abitibi and Pontiac sub-provinces of the Superior Province. The north-northwest-trending contact between Abitibi and Pontiac rocks is characterized by a reverse fault that is a southern splay of the main Cadillac Transition Zone, closely following the western shores of Lake Villebon. At the “peninsula” in the lake, the splay is shifted to the southwest by an interpreted offset fault and then continues southward. This offset fault is thought to be a potentially mineralized dilation zone. Its accurate location is not known.

Project History

Exploration work carried out in 2016 included a beepmat survey, Shaw-backpack near-surface drilling, ground VLF-EM and magnetic geophysical surveys, soil and rock sampling, mapping and prospecting, and diamond drilling (NQ2 core size). Geophysical survey results were compromised by excessive noise but were interpreted to show a number of magnetic and EM anomalies. The NQ2 diamond drilling program showed strong and pervasive silicification, decimeter widths of netlike texture, semi-massive or massive sulfide mineralization, and areas of deformation. Lead, copper and nickel analyses showed some anomalies, with values ranging from <2 up to 6,720 ppm lead, <1 up to 675 ppm for copper, and <1 up to 208 ppm for nickel. In hole LV16-DD-009, the two-meter core sample 397294 returned 0.181 g/t gold, the highest gold value of the program.

Looking Forward

The Lac Villebon Property is an early-stage property with initial exploration results to justify the following two-phase exploration program:

Phase 1
  • Soil and rock sampling
  • Geological mapping and prospecting
  • Ground IP geophysical survey
Phase 2
  • NQ2 core diamond drilling
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